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The candidates for election of the Next Bishop for the Diocese of Central Florida have been officially announced. I am humbled and honored to be nominated as one of the seven candidates. I ask for your prayers for me, the other candidates, and the diocese as we offer ourselves to be transformed by the will of the Lord, his good pleasing and perfect will. (see Romans 12:1-2)

You can learn more about all of the candidates by going to the Diocese of Central Florida Bishop Search Website. There is an ongoing forum where the candidates are actively in discussion. (Online Q&A Forum)

To view and read my materials: Click Here

I also invite you to listen to a presentation I have given about the call, qualifications and role of a Bishop: Click Here

Most of all, please be praying for this process of discernment. Jesus Christ is leading us.

I am faithfully yours in Christ Jesus our Lord,

Charlie Holt+


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