Who do you say that I am?

Who is Jesus? This one question is the single most important question that anyone in the world could ever asked or answer. This teaching series seeks to tackle that important and challenging question through a presentation of the ideas in the book by Bishop NT Wright, Jesus and the Victory of God: Augsburg Fortress Press, 1996.

These teachings were given by The Rev. Charlie Holt at St. Peter’s during the Wednesday teaching time. Each lecture is aproximately 1.5 hours and follows the chapters in the book. The study guide, lectures and power points are provided below. Unfortunately, due to techincal difficulties, lecture 5 was not recorded.  The Power Point presentations have been convered to a “.pdf” format for easy of download and use. They can be viewed using an Adobe Reader.

Course and Lecture Oulines

Lecture 1 – The Praxis of a Prophet: LecturePower Point Presentation – Handout (Judgement Oracles)

Lecture 2 – Stories of the Kingdom – Announcement: LecturePower Point Presentation

Lecture 3 – Stories of the Kingdom – Welcome: LecturePower Point Presentation

Lecture 4 – Stories of the Kingdom – Challenge and Summons: LecturePower Point Presentation

Lecture 6 – Symbol and Controversy: Lecture – Power Point Presentation

Lecture 7 – The Questions of the Kingdom: Lecture – Power Point Presentation

Lecture 8 – Jesus and Israel: The Meaning of Messiahship: Lecture – Power Point Presentation

Lecture 9 – The Reasons for Jesus’ Crucifixion (Part 1): Lecture – Power Point Presentation

Lecture 10 – The Reasons for Jesus’ Crucifixion (Part 2): Lecture – Power Point Presentation

Lecture 11 – The Return of the King: Lecture – Power Point Presentation

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