The Book of Revelation

A Ten Session Lecture Series given at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in 2010

The Book of Revelation is one of the most mysterious books of the Bible. It is filled with heavenly perspectives, tales of two cities, beasts and dragons, other worldly and heavenly visions of the past present and the future. But what on earth is it all about?

Ten Lessons: (Download the Handout prior to listening to the lecture in order to follow along with the text of Revelation and course outline/notes.)

1. Revelation 1, The Prophet’s Call: LectureHandout

2. Revelation 2, Letters to the Churches—Part One: LectureHandout

3. Revelation 3, Letters to the Churches—Part Two: LectureHandout

4. Revelation 4-5, The Heavenly Council: LectureHandout

5. Revelation 6-11, Seven Seals & Seven Trumpets: LectureHandout

6. Revelation 12-14, The Great Ordeal: LectureHandout

7. Revelation 15-16, The Seven Bowls: LectureHandout

8. Revelation 17-18, The Last Days of Babylon: LectureHandout

9. Revelation 19-20, The Reign of God: LectureHandout

10. Revelation 21-22, The New Jerusalem: LectureHandout

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