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2 thoughts on “Charlie Holt & Marcus Borg discuss Jesus’ Resurrection at Rollins College

  1. My friend you are truly a defender of the faith and did that very well indeed.The issue with all that Mr Borg espoused is the same for all that diminish the truth of the written word. Is scripture God breathed as Holy Men were moved by the Holy Spirit. If not you rightly say what is the point. If all is not true why should we continue and not just give up and go home. That would surely be easier than defending the faith. Although the main theme was the resurrection the big take away for me was his statement about the Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden. If this is just a parabolic statement and not truth, then again there would be need for a Savior and His redemptive work. With out the fall of man then everything from that point makes no sense at all. Instead God shows his redemptive work from the very beginning by sacrifice and blood. He place animal skins on them and thus the thin red line begins. Without the shedding of blood their can be no remission of sins. I could go on and on but the real issue is the authority of scripture.

  2. Charlie this is Bob Gruner
    We met up here at the Sawmill Eustis
    I listen to your discussion and I find it funny that this man does not believe what the Bible says About the resurrection
    You had some very good points in your discussion and i appreciate that
    The Bible is a book that needs to be rightly divided And by doing that we find the Bible to be a book of truth
    First Corinthians chapter 15 explains your discussion very clearly. There are two kinds of people in this world them that believe in a literal resurrection and them
    that do not. If we believe in the resurrection we can be delivered from our sins and if we do not believe in
    literal resurrection we still Remain in our sins It’s amazing it’s that simple
    When we visited that day we met I told of Adam Clark’s Commentary He Explains the last part of Luke 24 very well
    Thank you hope to speak to you again

    Bob Gruner

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