Crazy with Jesus

Sermon on Mark 3:20-35

Watch my sermon from last Sunday on Mark 3:20-25. I call it a Mark “sandwich.” The two pieces of “bread” are the segments where Jesus’ family are afraid He is crazy: verses 20-21 and verses 31-35. The “meat” in the middle of the sandwich is where the teachers of the law accuse Him of being in league with Satan: verses 22-30. Jesus’ response in these verses tell us that He is not afraid of being called crazy or evil, because He is confident of what is true, and He knows where His power truly comes from. Examine your own heart and see where your confidence lies. Are you worried that people think you are crazy or wrong? Or are you standing firm in confidence that the power of the Holy Spirit in you is absolutely all that matters?

Crazy with Jesus – Sermon by the Rev. Charlie Holt from The Church of St John the Divine on Vimeo.