End Child Homelessness in Seminole County

Hear a discussion about local initiatives taken in Seminole County, Florida, by a collaboration of providers of services to the homeless community to end or lower the number of homeless children in the county.

Visit this link to listen to or down load the podcast –  http://cmfmedia.org/2011/12/end-child-homelessness/

(length -59:21).

This 52-minute event, is hosted by Pathways to Home, the non-profit umbrella organization under which 18 provider organizations are working together to lower the number of homeless children which knowledgeable sources place at about 1700 students in 2010.

The speakers are panel members…

**Debbra Groseclose, executive director of Pathways to Home;

**Stephen Burris, chairman of the board of advisors of Pathways;

**Bob Dallari, commissioner and former chairman of Seminole county government;

**The Reverend Charles Holt, Rector at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and School in Lake Mary;

**Penny Seater; executive director of Habitat for Humanity in Seminole County and Greater Apopka;

**and Jeanne Gold, chief executive officer for Safe House of Seminole.

The panel moderator is Debbie Leon, development director for Pathways to Home.

Prompted by a series of features on CBS Television’s 60-Minutes, which focused its cameras directly on the plight of homeless school children in Seminole County, this panel of local providers and advocates speak on a theme organizers billed as “what 60-Minutes didn’t tell you about Seminole County.”

The panel describes the unique Pathways to Home collaborative, its history and the steps being taken to apply a range of best practices to address and manage the problem of child homelessness in the county. During the discussion, you’ll also hear members of the audience ask questions to which the panel responds.

This feature was recorded Tuesday, December 13, 2011 in the commission chambers of Seminole County’s board of commissioners.