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One thought on “Found in Translation

  1. Not all the Galileans were fishermen. Simon Zelotes was a Zealot; Matthew/Levi was a tax collector. Andrew, James, John and Peter were the fishermen. Nothing is known about the working lives of the other apostles, though the head of the church in Jerusalem was James (Yitzhak) actually the half-brother of Jesus. So he was probably also trained as a “tekton” or artisan.

    Also , as to “speaking in tongues,” as I read the Gospel for Pentecost, it seems to me that the miracle was that each person understood in his/her own tongue. So it was the hearers, not the speakers, who were experiencing the miracle, because apparently the Apostles were speaking in Aramaic, the lingua franca of the time in the Galilee region and Judea.

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