Perspective Taking

Sermon for the First Sunday of Advent

I love the approach of the Church to the season of Advent, as we compare the “gentle Jesus meek and mild” of the first Advent to the Almighty King whose second coming we anticipate. It requires some thoughtful perspective-taking.

Throughout the book of Job, Job learns that he just doesn’t understand the mighty and wonderful plans that God is working out through the devastating events that he sees happening in his own life. He learns to see things through a heavenly perspective. He says:

I know that you can do all things,
    and that no purpose of yours can be thwarted.
‘Who is this that hides counsel without knowledge?’
Therefore I have uttered what I did not understand,
    things too wonderful for me, which I did not know. 

Job 42:2-3

Jesus also speaks about the signs of the end of the age from a heavenly perspective in Luke, chapter 21. The events he describes are apocalyptic, but he describes it as a time of “power and great glory” (verse 27). He reminds His hearers that even when we are surrounded by distress, perplexity, and devastation, Christ rules over it all, and He will hold the absolute victory. 

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

Luke 21:33

We have times and seasons in our lives that are distressing and uncomfortable. We can’t put our faith in people and institutions, but we can ALWAYS put our faith in Jesus Christ. His promises are absolutely certain and sure. Be careful to guard your heart and not turn to anything else but Him. Everything else WILL disappoint. Pray, hold your head high, and trust only in Him.

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3 thoughts on “Perspective Taking

  1. This is one woman who can sleep deeply and through everything. Tonight, however, I could not. My mind has been racing, as well as my actions, ordering gifts, writing cards, baking cookies, catching up with old friends, listening to the continuously devastating world news, as well as health issues of friends and neighbors. Now, I thought, would be a good time to read Father Charlie’s message. It was just what I needed. I find myself turning to our Lord more and more in prayer – for the world, for our leaders, our teachers (including, of course our clergy) my immediate and extended, family and friends, people in general, and even my “back-burnered self”. In His hands, the future is glorious for all believers.

    I’m reminded of a Christmas sermon I heard, perhaps thirty-five years ago or more. Our Church had a lovely crèche out front, beautifully but simply displayed. Our Pastor was walking by and noticed a neighbor’s son, eight years old, standing in front of the crèche. The day before someone had stolen the Baby Jesus from the manger and replaced Him with a big yellow duck, which was immediately removed when discovered. The little boy stood pensively in front of the manger, and still looking at the scene in front of him said, “You know Father, I’ve been thinking. Without the Baby Jesus we might as well take the whole station house down.” That “station house” is really our whole world. Out of the mouths of babes.

    Thank you for your inspiring words. I save your blogs to read during peaceful, quiet moments. We miss you, Father Charlie! Wishing you and your family a blessed and wonderful Christmas Season.

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