Sanford: The Untold Story

The black, hispanic and white pastors of Sanford continue to meet and build relationships and work on the racial issues. This video captures the spirit of some of the meetings that marked the beginning of that relationship in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting. The emphasis is on prayer, reconciliation and peacemaking. This good work is continuing to go on even though the cameras have stopped rolling.

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2 thoughts on “Sanford: The Untold Story

  1. This is so encouraging to see. God changing hearts is the only way major divisions can be reconciled. Some truly great voices were heard. But if this thing of beauty is a cut flower and not a rooted plant, then it will go the way of many movements started but fading when the camera fades. What is going on now?

    • The clergy are still gathering for prayer and conversation. The realtionships are building slowly but surely. We have had a prayer rally for the Sanford Police Department about a month ago. There is a group focused on joint service projects across denominations and racial/ethnic/socio-economic divisions called “Love Sanford”. There are inter-racial youth gatherings now taking place. There have been some opportunities for personal reconciliation related to race.

      The key is that the clergy ARE still meeting and praying and talking together. It is very encouraging. More than one clergy person has commented that there is a sense of spiritual alignment and shifting taking place.

      I am not sure how it will manifest, but uniformly the desire is for long term relationship rather than a few feel good events.

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